Optimizing processes

From pre-analysis to post-harvest

We work with engineers, scientists, and visionaries to develop innovative agricultural technology solutions that help drive efficiencies on the farm and the field.

By finding smart ways to scan and analyze soil and crops; ways to improve sustainable irrigation, and to optimize the whole farming process from beginning to end, our Agritech solutions give farmers and advisors the tools to produce increasing quantities of nutritious and healthy foods while reducing carbon emissions and overcoming global challenges.

Sumi Agro Europe works with the most exciting and innovative co-operators on new and novel ways of improving crop quality and quantity, helping farmers use time and resources better – benefiting consumers and the climate.


Technology for every need

Every farm is distinct, every field is unique, every farmer has specific needs. We understand that one size does not fit all and we hold a unique position to be agile in Europe which allows an efficient and fast route to market. We have a successful history of delivering value by creating quality partnership and linking farmers, technologies and markets.

Case: anyA

The core element of anyA is data collection from the air. High-resolution images are taken with the help of satellites, aircraft and drones. With the support of computer-aided artificial intelligence (AI) capable of learning, defined nutrient deficiency or disease patterns can be diagnosed and localized depending on the culture. In addition to determining the plant density, weeds and unwanted grass populations can also be detected. The data can be used for site-specific management.

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