The future of farming

In recent years, synthetic crop protection has proven less effective due to an increase in resistance. At the same time, EU Regulations have led to a reduction in conventional crop protection available on the market – calling for better and more sustainable solutions.

Biocontrol solutions are an ideal alternative or supplement to conventional crop protection. It effectively helps growers protect their resources and optimize crop yield while caring for the environment. 


Seipro® - scientifically proven

We provide farmers with innovative biostimulant solutions that can help reduce abiotic stress and increase the yield and quality of their crops.

Sumi Agro Europe has a new range of biostimulant solutions based on Seipro® science, with tailored solutions to address the physiological needs of all kinds of crop.

Some of our most popular biostimulant brands are: Kaishi™, Kinactiv™ and Shigeki™.

Seipro® solutions are sourced from natural origins and are selected on the basis of extensive scientific investigation.