Case: anyA

Data collection
from the air

In order to take into account the increasing quality requirements with a decreasing selection of pesticides and general reduction targets for active substances and nutrients in crop production, Sumi Agro Germany is working together with its project partners, Taranis and Gowan, on the development of “digital decision-making aids”. Technically, the system called anyA (Analytics of Nutrition, Yield and Agronomy) is well developed and is operational with growers in Germany.

The core element of anyA is data collection from the air. High-resolution images are taken with the help of satellites, aircraft and drones. With the support of computer-aided artificial intelligence (AI) capable of learning, defined nutrient deficiency or disease patterns can be diagnosed and localized depending on the culture. In addition to determining the plant density, weeds and unwanted grass populations can also be detected. The data can be used for site-specific management.