Client need

Generation change is a key challenge in agriculture and often the technical knowledge based on experience is lost in the generational handover. The young agronomists need to understand how the farmers assess risks and benefits, and how the most difficult issues are managed, while maintaining a pragmatic approach: how to manage complicated weeds or pests, how to incorporate new technologies and to create efficient crop management programme for our end customers.



Sumi Agro Hungary tried to give their contribution by facilitating the generation change and the training of young agronomists: 11 years ago, Sumi Agro Hungary created the so called “Sumiversitas”. The trainings are based on practical problems and real life situations and in many cases independent experts and farmers are invited as lecturers. The main purpose is to share the newest technologies and expertise in order to manage existing and new agronomical issues.



By facilitating the connection between the agronomists starting their activity and the agricultural world, Sumiversitas supported more resilient collaborations and the professional development needed to help our farmers cropping in a sustainable way. In 11 years Sumiversitas trained hundreds of agronomists and received the appreciation of advisors and farmers. Moreover, the initiative contributed in establishing Sumi Agro as a reliable solutions provider for Hungarian farmers. The attendance has been exceptional and the feedback received very positive, therefore the intention is to renew this initiative in the future.