Client need

End users are exposed to contact with plant protection products in their day-to-day work. To make their life easier and safer they are looking for simple and affordable closed transfer systems that can be used on any liquid product. Such transfer system should fit most used packing sizes (canisters or small containers up to 1000 l). The system should drastically reduce the user in the connect / disconnect phase and support the product measuring. Moreover the logistic management of empties for bulky products has high environmental and operational impact for the farmers.



Sumi Agro Germany implemented the ready to use Easymatic Connect to several products. This enabled a wide promotion of best practice and safe use with the end users, making available a drip- and spill-free system to a vast number of customers. The system is equipped with flow-meter to measure product quantity, variable flow speed, quick and complete cleaning at the end of the cycle; it is adapted to any canister sizes (with 63mm thread) from 1 – 1000 litre. For Traciafin, a cereal fungicide used on wide scale, the system was coupled with 45 litre reusable drums.



Sumi Agro Germany has been able to make farmers’ life easier and safer with Easymatic Connect. The system is affordable, installation is very simple and can be done by farmers and fits all canisters with 63 mm opening. Easymatic Connect is applicable for any liquid chemicals and on all used or new sprayers, therefore it is a readily recovered investment. The implementation of the reusable drum brought additional benefits for farmers and the environment. The initiative contributed to create value for farmers and distributors, to establish Sumi Agro Brand as a partner that cares about operators and environmental safety.