Sumi Agro in Bulgaria introduced 2 products to support farmers in the above-mentioned challenge, supported by the right application technology: the starter fertilizer Microstar NPZ and the soil insecticide Ercole. Microstar NPZ improves Phosphorus availability and prevents deficiency stress, leveraging mineral and microbial components; this is reflected in efficient plants emergence, fast crop establishment in the early stage and improved resistance to insects attack. Ercole is an effective insecticide to control Agriotes spp. and Diabrotica spp. preventing damage to the plant in the critical early stage. The application equipment was developed in collaborating with microgranule producers, enabling large demonstration on the field engaging farmers and advisors. SABB’s collaboration with big number of different companies brings not just the right equipment to the farmers, but also the training and maintenance service.


This Sumi Agro in Bulgaria’s initiative makes readily available for farmers implementation the ideal application technology and support service, joint with the ideal started fertilizer and insecticide to allow a successful crop establishment and a considerable yield increase. The average yield increase reported is as high as 40 to 50% (or approximately 5 to 6 MT/ha additional) in high soil infestation situations, when using the complete technology (Microstar NPZ + Ercole + application tech). The solution offers peace of mind to the farmers when investing in the maize crop, by optimizing crop establishment and increasing the return on investment.