Futureco Bioscience has entered into an equity alliance with Sumi Agro Europe

SAE investment in FUTURECO has been concluded and bioinsecticide NOFLY has been approved to be marketed in Spain.

With this investment, SAE will access a strong discovery pipeline and manufacturing competence that will significantly enhance its portfolio in this key growth sector. Futureco is a family-owned company that has successfully targeted innovation in the sector of lower impact crop protection and plant biostimulants, for more than twenty years. The expansion of the business in biocontrol solutions is one of the key strategies of SAE, and is expected to bring about complementary synergy with its crop protection products in both product development and sales.
Futureco will access the distribution network of SAE in Europe and Sumitomo Corporation worldwide for its existing portfolio and expects to accelerate the field development phase of its pipeline portfolio through collaboration with the SAE Development Division.


NOFLY, the bioinsecticide fully developed and registered from Spain by Futureco Bioscience, has the green light to be commercialized in its country of origin. This week it has been included in the official phytosanitary product register of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment with the number 25427. NOFLY has been initially authorized for biological control of whitefly. This news comes after a long registration process that began with the application for authorization of the active substance in 2005. The text here is a link.

At the moment

Currently NOFLY is registered in the USA, Canada, Morocco, Kenya, Belgium, Italy, Israel, and now also in Spain. It is in the process of being registered in several Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. It is authorized for use in organic farming in accordance with EU, NOP and JAS standards by internationally recognized certifiers such as OMRI and BCS.

Based on spores of strain FE9901 from Isaria fumosorosea (before Paecilomyces fumosoroseus), this entomopathogenic fungus is a natural enemy of some insect species that often cause significant economic losses to farmers. NOFLY has been awarded several times for its innovative character, now one of the most important assets of the company and that confers to Futureco Bioscience a privileged place among other companies in the sector.