Combating corn borer and western corn rootworm

Sumi Agro Poland recently obtained the extension to the registration of Inazuma 130 WG for the control of corn borer and western corn rootworm in maize crops.

From the current season, corn growers can use Inazuma 130 WG to control corn borer and western corn rootworm. Inazuma 130 WG has a two-way mechanism of action on pests, it acts on the surface, deep and systemically, allowing it to better reach pests feeding in the lush leaf mass of corn.

The date of treatment with its use should be determined in accordance with thresholds or after the first pests or symptoms of their feeding have been observed, from the phase when the panicle is extended halfway (the center of the panicle begins to separate) to the phase when the panicle is completely visible and fully formed (BBCH 55-59). Inazuma 130 WG should be applied with medium spray quality, once during the growing season at the recommended dose of 0.2 kg / ha.