Sumi Agro Czech plays prominent role in securing the food chain

Sumi Agro Czech has brought new, innovative, and scientifically proven crop protection to their local market – increasing crop yield and competitive advantage throughout the country.

Agriculture has always been a vital factor in any nation’s economy. Not only does it secure food for the population – agriculture also provides raw materials for internal use and export.

By leveraging its local expertise and close ties to the Fortune 500 company – Japanese Sumitomo Corporation – Sumi Ago Czech has managed to implement better and more efficient farming in the region. Their approach has proved so successful that the company’s market share has grown by 7 % in the past nine year.


“Often, chemical products are necessary to protect the crops and the economics of our farms — our scientifically formulated products are safe and effective. Thanks to Sumitomo Corporation Japan’s new technologies and their original products, we are helping to protect the yield and economy of Czech and Slovakia.”
- Daniel Pribis, president of Sumi Agro Czech.

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