Polish Authorization for MEVALONE

Oxford-based sustainable biopesticide firm Eden Research has announced its flagship biofungicide, Mevalone, has obtained regulatory authorisation in Poland.

This will mean farmers in Poland can apply the product to wine and table grapes to protect and treat outbreaks of Botrytris cinerea and to apples to prevent post-harvest storage diseases.

SumiAgro Europe has been appointed as the Company’s exclusive distributor of Mevalone in the territory with product distribution expected to commence imminently. SumiAgro has extensive experience with Mevalone, having previously supported Eden with significant label extensions in France.

As the EU’s largest producer of apples, Poland represents a significant market for Eden Research and Mevalone. Eden expects to receive additional regulatory approvals in due course in additional Central European member states such as Germany, Austria, and Hungary, where high levels of wine production are found.