Sumi Agro Ukraine participate in international forums.

INTENSIVE GARDEN and INTENSIVE BERRY 2023 events; Sumi Agro Ukraine participate in international forums.

Leading specialists in the field of horticulture gathered in Lviv for the annual large-scale forum for professional gardeners “INTENSIVE GARDEN”. Whatever the conditions, Ukrainian gardeners and horticulturists strive to keep up with the latest trends, developments and new products to incorporate into their programmes for the upcoming season.

Summit-Agro Ukraine, product manager Mykhailo Polishvayko presented one of the company’s new developments for 2023. ARTEMIX is a unique fungicide based on the combination of two forms of copper, oxychloride and copper hydroxide formulated with novel adjuvants. ARTEMIX provides more than 50% of the copper particles at less than one micron leading to greater efficacy.

“INTENSIVE BERRY” forum followed, which took over the arena from “INTENSIVE GARDEN”. Berry growing is one of the new progressive directions for Ukrainian agriculture. Knowledge exchange for these crops is critical for the future. Many focus areas at the forum aside from growing, covered storage, marketing and the creation of conditions for the competitiveness of products on the world market. All topics being key objectives required by the participants of this event.

Respected Ukrainian experts presented at the events alongside leading European speakers, including Robert Sas, Monica Benyash, Steffen Lodder among others. The forum also welcomed fruit specialists covering a wide range of topics and factors affecting the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the crop.